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Cadiz - Gypsum Curved LED Wall light With Diffuser

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Product Code: GP-CADIZ

Stylish and immediately iconic, the Cadiz Gypsum Curved LED Wall Light with Diffuser is an easy solution to the dilemma of lighting hallways, stairways, rooms and corridors – how to provide uplighting and downlighting at once, and diffuse the illumination, without simply resulting in a naked bulb and uncomfortable eyes?

  • Lighting Brand:Leyton Lighting
  • Wattage:Max 40W
  • Voltage:240V
  • Dimmable:No
  • IP Rating:IP20
  • Lamp Base:LED

Cadiz - Gypsum Curved LED Wall light With Diffuser

With an immediately recognisable semicircular body, the Gypsum Curved LED Wall Light with Diffuser provides illumination where you need it most, effortlessly lighting sections of hallway or corridor with a soft, effective light. Easy to install and even easier to use, the Gypsum Curved LED Wall Light with Diffuser simply mounts directly onto the wall, with instructions included to make sure that installation is quick and easy. It’s powered by the same mains electricity that lights the rest of your home, and controlled with the same switches – so without batteries, recharging and remote-control, there’s nothing fiddly and nothing to get lost!

Most importantly, however, are the light bulbs themselves. As LED lights, they are much, much tougher than standard filament light bulbs, and can last for so much longer that you forget what it’s like to change a light bulb. Simply not having to change them would be good enough, but there’s an even better impact; more money in your pocket. You’ll save money on replacement bulbs, and even more importantly, you’ll save money on electricity bills – LED bulbs don’t produce the enormous amount of heat energy that filament light bulbs do.

In fact, where filament light bulbs usually lose almost 90% of their electrical input as heat, instead of light, with LED lights that loss is more like 15% - giving you more bang for your electrical buck. More electricity converted to light instead of heat means less wasted overall for the same amount of illumination, and a much smaller electricity bill at the end of the month. Coupled with their longevity and their cost-effective good looks, the Gypsum Curved LED Wall Light with Diffuser might just be exactly what you’re after.

Technical Specs

  • Curved wall light with LED lighting
  • E14 Lamp holder (SES) - Bulb won't be included
  • Voltage of 240V
  • Rated IP20
  • Maximum of 40W for product
  • Product is easy to install and includes simple installation instructions
  • This product is amazing value for money and will provide an amazing LED wall lighting opportunity for your home or office
  • The LED technology that this provides will help to dramatically reduce your household energy costs


  • Width: 300mm
  • Height: 75mm
  • Depth: 100mm

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