Creative Ways To Light Your Garden

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Picking outdoor lighting for your garden doesn't seem like the most exciting task in the world but worry not, we have compiled a list of ideas to make your life a little easier. Garden lighting is often overlooked but is an important factor in the safety and style of your garden, being both practical and fashionable you can light your garden in so many new and different ways to add an extra edge to your garden parties this summer. 

Decking & Patio Lights.

We have a large selection of decking lights as well as a range of wall lights perfect for your patio all year round, 

Patio Lights

 1- Colour Changing Bulbs

Colour Changing LED bulbs are a great way to liven up your outdoor space, making your patio party ready at the touch of a button. Usually requires an LED driver and controller allowing you to change the colour and brightness from anywhere in the garden.

 2- LED strip Lighting

LED strip lighting could be used in multiple creative ways to light up your patio. Coming in many varieties, you can choose from multi-coloured, white and colour changing. We recommend that you go for a waterproof LED strip to save from water damage in the terrible British weather. You could line the edge of your decking, stairs or walls with these strip lights or even on your fencing as they are easily installed and self-adhesive. 

3- Round/Square head LED Lights

Round/Square head LED lights are perfect for lining the floor of your patio or the outside wall of the patio shining light into the rest of the garden. Available in both white and blue LEDs you can pick from a cool or warm light for your patio/garden. These lights include a transformer and come in single and five packs giving you more creative freedom when designing your patio space. 

Pathway Lights.

Walkway Light

1- LED strip lighting

Strip lighting is great for pathways as it's easy to install and is very versatile, allowing you to line the outside of a path or along the wall leading to your door. Strip lighting can be used as a guide to your back door or different parts of your garden. Again, we recommend you buy the waterproof LED strips as the weather could water damage the lights. 

2- Spiked LED lights

LED spike lights are lights that can be pushed into the soil. They're cheap and easy to set up making them a very convenient pathway light. If you buy two different coloured LED spike lights and line them along your garden pathway it will give your ordinary pathway and extra creative flare. Most spike lights have adjustable heads allowing you to control the angle of the light.

3- Drive over LED lights

Drive over LED lights are great for lighting pathways and patios, this light is recessed into the floor or decking and is virtually undetectable during the day. This fitting is a subtle but effective way of lighting your paths with a stainless steel finish and glass top these lights will look great all year round. They're easily installed and can go basically anywhere, in soil or pebbles or hidden in greenery.  

Driveway Lights.

Driveway Lights

  1- Bollard Lights

Bollard lighting is a great way to light your driveway. They can add a sophisticated and modern look to any garden. Most styles coming in different sizes gives you even more creative freedom with these amazing lights. 

  2- Wall Lights

Wall lights are a convenient way to light the front of your house or your drive way. Here at first lighting we sell simple lights and designs that are more classic and elegant. Wall lights not only keep your driveway well lit and safe they add an extra something to the exterior of your home.

3- Security Lights 

Security lights are amazing for your safety but they can also be quite stylish. With the ability to sense your movement they can light up your driveway as you drive in or walk to your door, making the front of your house as safe as the inside. We even sell colour changing flood lights to light up your drive in a colourful fun way, perfect for a Halloween party or summer barbeque. 

Garden Lights.

Garden Lights

1-Spike LED Lights

Spike lights are perfect to hide in between plants/flowers or along a flower bed to light up your roses no matter the time of day allowing you to impress your guests with your gardening skills even at night. 

2- Drive Over Lights

Drive over lights are great for all around the garden, giving you the freedom to make light displays or shine more light around your pound or favourite flowers. Theres endless possibilities when it comes to drive over lights.

3- Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is really good for lining the outside of your pond or flower bed as its flexible and self adhesive. it must be installed onto a hard service and be sure to order the waterproof strips as the normal lights will get water damage from bad weather.


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