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Flat Modern Single LED Spotlight

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Product Code: 828970106

With a sleek, simple chrome aesthetic and a single, independently mobile LED spotlight, the Flat Modern Single LED Spotlight is a chic and understated addition to the atmospheric lighting in any room.

  • Lighting Brand:Leyton Lighting
  • SKU:828970106
  • Wattage:4.5 Watt
  • Voltage:240V
  • Finish:Chrome
  • Colour:Warm White
  • Colour Temperature:Warm White - 3000K
  • Average Lamp Life:30,000hrs
  • Dimmable:No
  • IP Rating:IP20
  • Lamp Base:LED

Flat Modern Single Head LED Spotlight

Infinitely versatile, the Flat Modern Single LED Spotlight can be used alone to highlight a specific point of interest, or grouped with other Flat Modern Single LED Spotlights, to light up many separate areas, or even to illuminate an entire room and create atmospheric and aesthetic mood lighting.

Easy to install, the Flat Modern Single LED Spotlight simply attaches to the wall, and plugs into the mains electricity supply, from where it can be controlled easily by the light switches already installed in the room! It doesn’t need any batteries, recharging, or remote control, so there’s nothing to lose – just the simple, elegant LED light. Instructions for installation are provided in the box, so the installation process will be as quick and easy as possible.

Once installed, you’ll be able to start enjoying the benefits of the Flat Modern Single LED Spotlight properly. With a slim line build, and simple, elegant curves, the spotlight is an understated and gorgeous addition to any room. Its chrome finish provides a modern look and is easy to keep clean, and the manoeuvrability of the LED head means any part of the room can be highlighted or lowlighted as you see fit. With the Flat Modern Single LED Spotlight, atmospheric mood lighting is easy to achieve, with either one or many lights, all of which can be independently moved and activated.

LED light bulbs themselves are much more efficient and cost-effective than their traditional, old fashioned incandescent rivals. Whereas an incandescent bulb loses up to 90% of its energy as heat, with an LED bulb, that figure is much, much lower, leading to a substantially reduced electricity bill in homes or businesses which convert all their incandescent lights to LED lights. The cost of lighting is driven down further by LEDs by their long lifespan, as they need to be replaced far, far less frequently than their outdated rivals, the incandescent bulb. Therefore, with lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs, and lower bulb turnover, the LED stands out as the clearly superior choice over the other kinds of bulb.

Mounted in a mobile spotlight configuration, and able to illuminate whatever you need; with a sleek, elegant body finished with chrome; easy to install and easy to maintain; and much more cost-effective than the alternatives; the Flat Modern Single LED Spotlight is a great choice for lighting any home or business.


Technical Specs

  • Flat modern single head spotlight
  • Chrome & aluminium
  • Includes: LED LED 4.5W warm white single
  • Length: 16cm
  • Width: 7cm
  • Depth: 14cm

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