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Flat Modern Twin Head Spotlight

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Product Code: 828970206

With a neat, inconspicuous wall mounting and two independently-mobile heads, the Flat Modern Twin Head LED Spotlight is able to illuminate two areas at once, or focus in on one single location of interest, lighting up a feature or important point like a small localised spotlight. Finished in gorgeous chrome, the Flat Modern Twin Head LED Spotlight is a fine addition to any room.

  • Lighting Brand:Leyton Lighting
  • SKU:828970206
  • Wattage:9
  • Voltage:240V
  • Finish:Chrome
  • Colour:Warm White
  • Colour Temperature:Warm White - 3000K
  • Average Lamp Life:30,000hrs
  • Dimmable:No
  • IP Rating:IP20
  • Lamp Base:LED

Flat Modern Twin Head Spotlight

With the incredible versatility leant to it by its ability to turn in two directions at once, and with independently-mobile spotlights which can be rotated through a huge range of movement, the Flat Modern Twin Head LED Spotlight is a perfect feature light or companion to the mood lighting in your home.

With a sleek, flat profile, the light is able to remain a sideshow player to the room – not intruding upon the rest of your decor and remaining inconspicuous, even when turned on. Its beautifully-polished chrome finish makes it an excellent companion to a room, and the slim light struts supporting the bulbs themselves provide it with an even greater range of movement, creating arcs within which the light can aim at any point of interest!

The Flat Modern Twin Head LED Spotlight is easy to install, and works by the simple mains electricity supply – it even comes with installation instructions to make this stage as easy as possible.

Once installed, the LED bulbs will prove cost-effective compared to their incandescent counterparts: LED lights generate far, far less waste heat than a traditional incandescent bulb at the same light output, leading to far less drawn energy overall and a lower electricity bill. In fact, houses or businesses which replace all of their incandescent, old-fashioned light bulbs with LED versions have been known to see dramatic cuts in their electricity bills – and that’s not the only saving they make!

LED lights also burn out far more infrequently than filament light bulbs, so you’ll be spending much less time screwing in new bulbs, and more importantly, you’ll be spending much less money on replacements.

Beautifully finished in shining chrome, able to illuminate two areas at once or focus on an area of interest, with cost-effective bulbs drawing comparatively little electricity and hardly ever requiring replacement... The reasons to invest in the Flat Modern Twin Head LED Spotlight are a list as long as your arm!

Technical Specs

  • Flat modern twin head spotlight
  • Chrome & aluminium
  • Includes: LED LED 4.5W warm white x 2
  • Length: 35cm
  • Width: 7cm
  • Depth: 14cm

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