How to Install Decking Lighting

Decking lighting is the perfect way to light up your outdoor space, when installed correctly these lights will completely change the aesthetic of your decking. The LED lights are available in both circular and square fittings and their great quality means that they are easy to install - no complex electrical skills needed! However, if you are new to outdoor lighting and need a little help ensuring the lights you have purchased are fitted into your decking professionally, then follow these useful tips. 

  1. Draw up a plan
  2. Drill Holes for the Lights
  3. Connect the Lights
  4. Let there be Light 
  5. Rebuild the Deck

What you will need

Before you begin installing your lights here is a small checklist of everything you will need:

  1. Decking light set
  2. Pen/Pencil
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Drill
  5. Power Outlet

Step One - Draw up a plan

decking plan.jpg

The plan does not have to be professionally drawn up with exact measurements but it definitely helps if you know where you are positioning your lights before you jump straight in and start drilling holes - only to find it doesn't match up. The lights are great for adding atmosphere to your outdoor space but not if they are not placed correctly. If you are unsure where the lights should go, you can always ask an expert to mark it up for you. Once you have decided on the positioning of your lights, mark it out on the decking using a pencil - a proper carpenter's one if you have one!

Step Two - Drill holes for the lights

drill hole in decking.jpg

This can be a little daunting, drilling holes directly into the decking, but it is the only way that you are going to get the lights in. Different decking lights have different fixtures so make sure the spade bit that you are using for your drill matches up with the fixture of the light so that it connects perfectly. 

Step Three - Connect the lights

connecting decking lights

If you have drilled correctly, your lights should fit into the holes that you have drilled into the decking. Once you have placed the lights in the holes, you can connect the back of each light to the loom socket behind the decking. Each time you connect the light to the socket you will need to screw a cap on the end so that you can create a waterproof seal. This is important so that your lights are not affected by wet weather. 

Step Four - Let there be light

decking lights fitted

Decking lights can be bought in packs of 25 (or less if you have a smaller deck) so it can take quite a while to fit and link up all the lights. However, once this is done, the loom cable holding all of the lights will need to be connected straight to the transformer so that the lights can be turned on, once it has been connected to a power outlet. It is important to place the power outlet where it will stay dry.

Step Five - Rebuild the deck

This isn't as scary as it sounds! In order to fit the lights, it is advised to remove a few panels of the decking to avoid damage. If your decking has been fitted properly, this will only take a moment to replace the panels. You are now ready to enjoy your lights!

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