How To Properly Light Your Driveway


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There are many ways to light your driveway, from bollard lights to drive over LEDs, we have a large range of lights to help you get home safely.

Bollard Lights.

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Bollard lights are a great stylish way to light your driveway, here at first lighting we have a range of different styles of bollard lights to fit all driveways. If you are looking for something a little more contemporary we have siene curved lights and reno lights that would be perfect for a more modern home or a traditional home that wants to switch up their style, with this light coming in three different sizes you can choose the effect it has on your driveway, the smaller sizes being perfect for a more dramatic look and the tall model for safety and practicality as well as style.

If you are looking for a more standard bollard light we have two aluminium 3W and 4W lights which are both great low energy solutions to bollard lighting. The Hudson outdoor LED light is great for both modern and traditional homes, it has a simplistic look but also coming in three sizes, makes this light perfect for safety without having to compromise on style.

Wall Lights.

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Wall Lights are extremely practical when it comes to driveway lighting and can make lighting your driveway 100 times simpler, we have a large range of wall lights here at first lighting giving you choice of design and style as well as practical features such as sensors and bulb wattage. If you are looking for a modern style light the Thames light is a great option with its sleek black exterior and its PIR sensor this light would go perfectly with any style of home whilst keeping it safe and looking good. For a more practical and simplistic look the Dalby and the 30 Watt outdoor light are great simple solutions to light your driveway.

The Missouri light is also a great simple way to light your drive but with its tiltable face and PIR sensor it is very practical and would be a great security light. Our slimline linkable RGB wall washer light would be great above a garage door guiding you when driving in the dark or a really practical choice to light up the rest of the exterior of your home, the colour changing feature really makes this light stand out allowing you to set the mood for a party or just for something a little different. 

Ground lights.

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Ground lights are a really easy and efficient way to light your driveway. When installed directly into your driveway they can mark out parking spaces or be a guide in the dark.

Drive over lights are really effective for ground lighting, we stock a selection of drive over lights here at first lighting. Models Elise and Jena are great dimmable drive over lights giving you control on the brightness can ensure a safe journey home. If you are looking for something a little different or something with an extra bit of style the Cara drive over light is dimmable and colour changing allowing you to set the mood for a party or for something fun to come home to. If you are looking for a ground light that isn't a drive over light we also have a few ranges of spike or flood lights. Spike lights are great for drive ways that are surrounded by garden/woodland as they must be stuck into soil.

The 4W spike light is great for efficiency as it has a 45 degree beam angle lighting up your drive way a significant amount with such a small light. The adjustable spike light is a dimmable adjustable spike light giving you the most freedom with how you set up the light on your driveway.

We have a wide range of flood lights, you can even buy a spike add on for some of them. We sell a brand called Kinver that have many different models of flood light, ranging from PIR sensor security lights to their average 12W/25W/55W flood lights. We also sell slimline Denver lights that have many different models including colour changing, multiple different wattage models and a spike add on.

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