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LED Kitchen Lighting

Fill your kitchen with gorgeous bright light that’s not only inviting but extremely practical too. Kitchen lighting doesn’t need to be daunting, and with our high-quality fittings, you can guarantee you have all you need for a welcoming room that people want to cook and eat in.

First and foremost these lights will serve a function, so the key aspect to consider is the placement, whether you choose a pendant or ceiling light or uplights or downlights to illuminate worktops we have everything you need.

This selection of LED kitchen lighting won’t disappoint on quality or price. 

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Stylish and Functional Kitchen Lighting

Here at First Lighting you’ll find a wide and varied range of stylish and functional kitchen lighting that both serves a purpose and adds flair to your space.

With ceiling or pendant lights you can fill the entire room with light, or draw the eyes to a kitchen table or island. Flush lights are the perfect solution to spread light around the room, or you could install ceiling spotlights to create pockets of illumination in certain spots.

With ceiling spotlights, you’ll most definitely have to install under cabinet lights to ensure there is adequate lighting for when you are chopping and cooking. But these lights can also instantly add a modern edge to your design.

If downlights aren’t to your taste or still don’t provide enough illumination for the kitchen then try the Illuminated Upstands For Kitchen Worktops, which provide a wide beam of light that runs across the entire worktop.

LED kitchen lighting is the ideal choice, especially when it comes to fiddly lights like spotlights as they last much longer than traditional fittings so you won’t have to worry about bulb replacement for quite some time. Plus, in a room where you are cooking and likely to be using a tumble dryer, overheating is quite common, but with LED lights there is little heat output so there’s one less thing to worry about.

With our range of kitchen lighting, you can create a space that you really want to be in, and cook and eat. Whatever type of LED kitchen lights you are looking for you can shop a range of fittings now and have them ready to install within a couple of days.