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Driveway Lights

The driveway is one area of the home that can always benefit from a little love and attention – it’s one of the only places that you will be guaranteed to see and make use of every day, and it’s always a visitor’s first impression of your home.

At First Lighting, we believe that such important areas deserve to be lit up properly, and paid their due care with lighting that’s attractive, practical, cost-effective and long-lasting. With our LED lighting systems, we can tick all those boxes at once and provide you with the driveway lights of your dreams!

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Enzo - Outdoor LED IP65 Slim Brick Light
  • ENZO
  • 3.2 Watt
  • 240V
  • 150 Lumens
  • LED
LED Drive Over - Garden Lights
  • GL-DR01
  • 3
  • 240V
  • 330 Lumens
  • LED
RENO Outdoor LED Bollard Lights
Reno Outdoor Bollard Lights
  • 420760142
  • 4.5 Watt
  • 240V
  • 330 Lumens
HUDSON Outdoor LED Bollard Lights
Hudson Outdoor Bollard Lights
  • 420060187
  • 4
  • 240V
  • 320 Lumens
  • E14
Luna - 17W LED Ceiling Light - HI/LO Function Emergency Microwave
Luna - 17W LED Ceiling Light - HI/LO Function Emergency Microwave
  • 17 Watt
  • 240V
  • 1700 Lumens
  • LED
31cm LED Flush Fitting Round Ceiling Light
31cm LED Flush Fitting Round Ceiling Light
  • 624011206
  • 12
  • 240V
  • 700 Lumens
  • LED
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Much safer and better for your driveway than their traditional incandescent counterparts, LED lights use much less energy than older bulbs, which traditionally wasted upwards of 90% of their total electricity input as heat! With an LED bulb, that figure is much, much lower, and therefore more of the electricity winds up actually converting to light, and the total consumption is lower.

This has the dual benefit to driveway lights of dropping their running costs and helping protect your driveway, garden and walls – where previous lights would give out enough heat to damage the coat of the wall they were mounted to, or harm the soil and lawn they are placed within, LEDs don’t give out anywhere near that same level of waste heat, making them safer and better for your home!

Their much lower consumption demands means some LED driveway lights can be powered entirely by the solar panels built into them, making them entirely independent of the electrical grid, wireless, able to be placed anywhere and free of charge to run!

Others are still run from the mains, but their lower energy cost will still show in considerably decreased lighting bills compared to traditional driveway lighting!

The LED driveway lights available from First Lighting are a mix of practical, functional lighting, motion-activated exterior lights, and aesthetic decorative lighting that will help to mark out and illuminate your driveway while creating a pleasant ambience and showcasing your landscaping – or whatever other features you want to highlight.

Bollard lights help to define the limits of your driveway or highlight important features like gates, walls, decorative features or the house itself, and can act as useful protectors for areas where you’d rather not risk a car driving – like your lawn or flower beds.

Wall-mounted LED lights can provide much-needed illumination to a wide area, and help to create a practical and functional level of light, while inset lighting helps to provide upward illumination useful in marking out the edges of the driveway or specifically lighting areas of interest. With sturdy and long-lasting bulbs, these lights are able to withstand most weather conditions, and their hardy plastic shells makes the light bulbs themselves tough and hard to crack, scuff or break.

LED lighting also has the extra benefit of lasting much longer than incandescent lighting – our driveway lights are much less likely to burn out than a traditional incandescent light bulb, and need to be replaced far less frequently. This saves effort and keeps the lights on longer, yes – but it also saves money that would otherwise be spent on replacements.

Overall, the First Lighting LED driveway lights range is a selection of versatile all-weather lights that can be used individually or together to provide the best possible levels of illumination. With less energy consumed and less frequent need for replacements than their traditional counterparts, they’re cheaper to run and maintain and less likely to break, saving you money in more ways than one!