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LED Stairway Lighting

The staircases in your home can suffer from a lack of natural light, so choosing the right LED stair lights are essential not only for safety issues but can build a feature in your home too.

With the right LED step lights, you can create something that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Illuminate the dark area with lights that make it easy to navigate and choose styles with flair to make it more visually appealing and the central spine of your home, the stairs become a standout feature in your interior. 

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Practical and Stylish Stair Lights

Here at First Lighting we have the practical and stylish LED stair lights that are competitively priced and extremely professional.

With low energy and high-performance solutions on offer, you can guarantee you’re going to find the LED step lights you need to navigate through a typically dark space, all the while keeping costs down.

Choosing the right lighting for your staircase is vital as it adds an inviting glow to your space. Low-Level LED lights can create a big impact on your stairs; they’ll not only guide you up and down the steps but add a real wow factor.

It’s important to consider whether the staircase lighting LED is for the decorative definition of the staircase, or needed to provide light in a space that’s generally lacking natural illumination. If it is the former, it’s important to be careful and not overdo it. You don’t want the staircase to be lit like a runway. Generally, try a light every other step, a light on every step can usually be too overpowering.

If your staircase is narrow, it might be best to consider recessed lighting options which blend into the wall. This will take up much less space than a mounted light, but it’s important to get the lighting design right in the first instance because once the hole is made in the wall, it’s hard to go back and change things.

You might also want to consider the underside of the staircase too. This is typically a dark space, but adding simple lighting you can create a sense of space by reflecting the light back into the hall.

We stock the best products possible and offer the best prices available, so get your LED stair lights now and make the central spine of your home a stylish and safe space.