Creative Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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Lighting seems unimportant in a room designed for sleeping but when relaxing and getting ready in your bedroom good lighting is essential to be ambient and practical. This guide will help you decide what lighting is best for your bedroom and how to keep it stylish.


The size of your bedroom is a key factor to picking out the wattage of the bulbs in your room as you don't want to waste energy unnecessarily. First, you need to know the measurement of your room in meters, for example 3 meters by 6 meters. You will need to then multiply these numbers to find out the square meters of your room, 3 x 6 = 18 square meters. Then, multiply the square meters by 25, 18 x 25 = 450 watts (4500 lumens). This means the recommended light wattage for this room is 450 watts. Lumens are used to measure how bright a light is, this equation states that the room would be properly lit at 4500 lumens but considering we are looking at a bedroom, 4500 lumens is too bright to create an ambient atmosphere; we would recommend you stayed around 3000 lumens for a room this size. 


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Spotlights are great for mood lighting as they can look really dramatic if positioned correctly. Here at first lighting we have a large range of spotlights for every style of bedroom. When spotlights are positioned above the bed it creates a dramatic and romantic look, drawing all the attention towards the bed. For a softer look, spotlights positioned in the corner of the room pointing towards the centre are a great practical solution if you get ready in your bedroom as the room will lack natural light during the winter months or on cloudier days. If you are looking for single/multiple head ceiling spotlights we have a large selection of modern models with adjustable heads enabling you to direct the light to any part of the room. We also have die cast and studio lights that look built into the ceiling which give a room a very sophisticated and modern look, they are also adjustable. 


Wall Lights.

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Wall lights are very convenient lights for all over the house, especially in bedrooms. We stock many different types of wall lights ranging from shelf lights and mirror lights to simple up/down lights. Wall lights can be placed anywhere in the bedroom, above the bed, above desks, next to doors, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a variety of bulb colours including LED colour changing, which would give you the ability to change the atmosphere of your bedroom with the touch of a button. Wall lights can also look really dramatic if placed and positioned correctly, such as positioning them pointing towards art work, your bed or your desk. If you place two wall lights on either side of your mirror and point them towards you, you'll have perfect lighting to get ready in and great mirror selfies.     



Bedside Table/Reading and Floor Lights.

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Bedside table and reading lights are essential for a well lit bedroom as they let you relax in bed with ambient lighting and make it easier for you to turn off the lights without having to get out of bed. They're very useful for keen readers or for anyone who likes to sit in bed and relax whilst doing work. We would recommend a bulb with low lumens for bedside table and reading lights as the light is quite concentrated and close to your face, if you have a high lumen bulb it will be too bright for your eyes. Most reading lights are adjustable allowing it to be positioned towards where you need to see. There are endless styles of bedside and reading lights, this gives you the chance to be creative and find the perfect light for you bedside. Floor lights are a really simple but effective way to light your bedroom, with endless opportunities of design, shape and size your bedroom will be well lit in no time.    



Decorative Lights. 

decorative lighting.jpgDecorative lighting is great for adding an extra creative touch to your room. There are many ways for you to work contemporary lights into your room, such as light up bedside tables, strip lighting, TV back lighting and fairy lights. There are really endless possibilities for decorating your room with lights, you can be as imaginitive or simplistic as you want. If you would like to decorate your room with fairy lights, a fun idea is to drape them above your bed or around your room filling it with a magical atmosphere. If you often relax in your room and watch tv a useful way to stop screen glares from bedside or ceiling lights is TV back lighting, here at first lighting we sell cool white and RGB colour changing TV back lighting allowing you to set the mood for a scary movie in bed. Another great practical decorative light are mirror lights as they allow you to get ready no matter the time of day. Cabinet and storage lights are perfect for built in wardrobes and cupboards, letting you see more clearly when picking out your clothes.  

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