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Commercial LED Lighting

Redefine your workspace with our extensive range of commercial LED lighting for work spaces that include offices, schools, factories or gyms.

Due to their high efficiency and directional nature, LED lights are the ideal solution for many industrial uses.

First Lighting offers commercial LED lighting that can be used for a huge number of business and sectors across the UK. Using LED lights in your business goes far beyond saving money on your electricity bill as well.

There are a vast amount of sector-specific benefits to commercial LED lighting, from retail, healthcare and industrial lighting uses. 

Shop our varied range of commercial LED lighting now and see if we have what you need for your business and lighting needs.  

If you working in a hotel, school or factory, or your office is tucked away in the corner of your home, the benefits of switching to commercial LED lighting is virtually endless.

First Lighting supplies you with high-quality lighting solutions that you suit you, your employees and customers too.

Comparing LED lights to more traditional HID or a fluorescent lighting equivalent, it’s important to understand the many benefits, from saving money, saving energy and their versatility.

Here’s why you should have LED lighting for your commercial needs:

Save money: By installing these lights within your space, LED lights generally use 75% less energy and typically last 25 times longer.  Savings are increased when you factor in the little maintenance that comes with LED lighting.

Little maintenance: Bulbs within LED lights last considerably longer so there the need for replacements and the labour charges associated with them will, of course, be decreased.

Save on energy: LED lights are safe to handle and don’t emit as much heat. They help reduce the carbon footprint of your business too. And they’re environmentally friendly too because there is no toxic mercury content and no IR or UV emissions.

Instant sustainable light: Unlike fluorescent lights which need to warm up, LED lights produce instant 100% light. There is no visible slicker and they don’t wear out like traditional lighting. They also don’t contain a filament which could be damaged by shock or vibration, this makes it a stable source of light.

Staff productivity: Thanks to the uninterrupted brighter light generated by LED lights, staff productivity has been known to improve. A huge plus for any business.

They look good: LED lights create a more natural looking light that gives a seamless appearance to any environment.

The benefits of commercial LED lighting are broad and wide-ranging, as you can see above, so let First Lighting help your company and business develop with our range of lighting fixtures on offer at incredible prices.

You’re guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to our extensive range of LED lighting for commercial and industrial use.