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Affordable LED spotlights in a variety of designs

Here we offer beautifully designed LED spotlights that are very energy efficient and last longer than the standard and regular spotlights.

Whether you want effective lighting that will be functional to your everyday tasks, or you’re looking to highlight a design feature in your home, these fittings will give you exactly what you need and where you need it.

These fixtures are affordable, look professional, and they’re extremely high-rate in design. Shop First Lighting's range of spotlights below.

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Uses of spotlights

LED spotlights can be a key fixture in a home’s lighting plan, giving light exactly where you need it.

They are great for focusing beams where they are needed the most, and due to their small design they can be installed exactly where you need them.

From tilting and rotating spotlights to a more fixed recessed light that will add a statement to your room, here you’ll find a range of designs to suit your particular needs.

The tilting heads will allow you to move the beam of light to where it is needed most, and because LED bulbs don’t produce as much heat as standard bulbs you won’t burn your fingers - although, it’s always advisable that you don’t move the tilting heads whilst the light is switched on.

White LED ceiling spotlights

Create brighter spaces in your rooms as you target the light to specific areas of the room and try the Nimes Contemporary Ceiling Spotlights, which come in designs with two to six heads, in bigger rooms that need lighting throughout. Perfect for working under or reading, they’re also ideal for kitchens and offices.

The Designer Eyeball Designs will not only create pockets of light where you need them but thanks to their thoughtful designs they’ll create a feature in the specific room too, ideal for those who prefer to keep rooms clutter-free but still want to inject style into their space.

Use the single spotlights to create an ambient effect in rooms like the bathroom, these contemporary designs will fit seamlessly into any modern home.

LED Bulbs might be more expensive upfront, but you’ll save money by swapping halogens for LEDs. They use 90% less electricity for the same brightness as a halogen, which means it costs you less to switch the light on. And the bulbs last a whole lot longer too, saving you money on regular replacements.

At First Lighting we guarantee high-quality LED spotlights that won’t disappoint.