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Bright and cost effective LED Garage Lighting solutions

Garage lighting is one aspect of the family home that is usually overlooked until it’s needed – by which point it’s a problem! Avoid the hassle by installing some LED lighting in your garage ahead of time, and you’ll have a lighting system that beats all others.

Unlike the traditional incandescent light bulb, LED lights don’t rely on energy-inefficient and outdated technology, and they don’t waste 90% of their energy as heat.

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Cannock - LED Slim Eyelid Bulkhead
Cannock - LED Slim Eyelid Bulkhead
  • 12
  • 240V
  • 1080 Lumens
  • LED
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What makes these lights different

LEDs are a much more cost-efficient option than “ordinary” light bulbs, for several reasons, and that makes them perfect garage lights. Since such a light must occasionally light a large space even in the darkest night, and do it well enough for work to be done, it needs to be reliable, bright, and cost-effective.

LEDs match all these criteria well, and the First Lighting range includes rugged workhorse lights that can handle inclement weather and keep running, and many that provide the lighting needed to work in a large space in any conditions. One of the key things that helps make LED garage lights the perfect choice for your home is their energy usage – where an incandescent bulb would waste 90% of its electrical input as heat, and only 10% as light, LEDs give off very little heat, and convert a much higher percentage of their electricity input into useful light. As a result, their overall energy consumption is much, much lower than traditional bulbs, saving you money and saving the environment!

LED garage lights are also more financially sensible than the alternatives because they last so long – an LED bulb is a tough, rugged light that can outlast incandescent bulbs by six times the lifespan, so replacing one is rare enough that it could almost be a special occasion. On top of that, they’re made of a hardy plastic that’s usually recycled and may be recyclable, and due to their sturdy construction they’re hard to break, scuff or damage, and they can withstand heat and cold well – making them an excellent choice for garage lighting, in an area of the house that sees less foot traffic and usually sports less insulation and protection against the elements.

What we offer

The range of garage lighting available from First Lighting includes both practical, functional lighting for a workspace or storage space, as well as decorative lighting for spaces where appearances take precedent, or where if you want to create a pleasant ambience and draw attention to specific features of your garage. Those who use their garages as dens or additional home spaces may find this particularly useful, but anyone who spends time in the garage can benefit from our decorative lighting.

We also stock outdoor lighting, which can be installed outside your garage or on parts of it that are open to the weather, for safe, cost-effective lighting all over the property – inside and out! The lack of heat given off by our LED lighting will help protect the casings and surroundings of the lights, even in cold conditions like frosts or snow, where lights that give off more heat could begin to create problems.

Overall, the First Lighting LED garage lights selection is a varied range, with something in it for any situation – whether you’re looking for functional, practical illumination or more atmospheric ambient lighting – and they’ll last longer than conventional filament bulbs, use less energy, and cost far less in replacements and running costs. So if you’re tired of stumbling around your pitch-black garage, give us a call