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Retail LED Lighting

Make a lasting impression on your customers with high quality, professional and statement LED shop lights from First Lighting.

These lights will give your space a professional appearance and encourage people to shop as they can see things clearly and signs and display lights can direct them to the sections you want to make more prominent.

With everything from window displays, shelves and display cases, here you’ll find everything for your retail lighting needs all at extremely competitive prices. 

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Make Your Store Stand Out Using Retail Display Lighting

Make your products stand out with crisp, clear illumination with our range of LED shop lights that are cost effective and look professional too.

From in-store task lighting to ambient display lighting, here at First Lighting, you’ll find what you need all at an affordable price.

Lighting is vital to your business if the lights go out the customers will disappear, and if you’re a store owner of shop manager you know too well the cost of lighting your space. But with LED lighting you can maximise your light output, without having to stretch your budget.

Choosing LED lights for your store can significantly reduce your lighting bill each month, with research suggesting it can lessen your bill by as much as 90%.

These lights are the ideal energy efficient choice for highlighting products in your store, not only do they produce less heat, they generally have the same lumens of light ensuring you create a bright and welcoming appearance.

Plus, you can wave goodbye to costly maintenance and store disruptions because LED lamps are designed to last many years longer so there won’t be any replacements for some time.

Make your store look its best with professional, high-quality designer lighting with our range of affordable LED shop lights. If you need further assistance choosing the right fixtures for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.