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Decorative and practical LED display lights

You could be looking for either a practical or decorative LED display lighting set to add a stylish flair to your home and either way you'll find that they are perfect for drawing eyes to a specific object or room area. If you want to make sure that one area in your room is lit better than anywhere else, our display lighting is exactly what you are looking for.

The complimentary lighting that we offer can either be functional and provide lighting to a dark area within your rooms or cabinets, and yet can easily be used to enhance your home's interior if you make sure that every light is placed thoughtfully so that specific features are lit up.

First Lighting offer a range of display lights that will make sure your home is well lit, while simultaneously providing reliable and functional lighting that is cost effective as well. You can shop the range below.

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Single Modern LED Light Bar
Single Modern LED Light Bar
  • BL1-LED
  • 5
  • 240V
  • 350 Lumens
  • GU10
8 Watt Fixed LED Picture Light
8 Watt Fixed LED Picture Light
  • 225210104
  • 8 Watt
  • 600 Lumens
  • LED
4 Watt Flexible LED Picture Light
4 Watt Flexible LED Picture Light
  • 279770108
  • 4
  • 240V
  • 380 Lumens
  • LED
Adjustable Recessed 1.2W Display Cabinet Lighting
Adjustable Recessed 1.2W Display Cabinet Lighting
  • TCOE-1.2W-CH
  • 1.2 Watt
  • 350mA
  • LED
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Target the light in your home with LED display lighting that can be used both purposefully and decoratively in your rooms.

They help improve visibility, can reduce maintenance costs, decrease your carbon footprint and the wide range available is sure to meet your desired needs and requirements.

Not only are LED bulbs extremely cost effective and economical, but because they produce less heat, compared with standard lights, they’re safer too. Use these directional lights with the safe knowledge that they won’t produce too much heat in a specifically targeted space in your home.

The Perfect Display Cabinet Lighting

The LED Directional Display Cabinet Light is perfect for those looking to be able to move the direction of the light around, as this comes with a 360-degree adjustable directional head.

Whereas the Hafele Loox designs typically come with a 30-degree adjustable head, so it’s still possible to direct the light.

If you have a tall space then the Hafele Loox 350MA LED Stack Cabinet Display Light might be the best option. This lighting feature comes with a three-tier adjustable directional head, so can ensure the feature your lighting is illuminated from numerous angles.

Too much lighting can be overpowering, though, so choose the right LED Display Lighting with our range of products and fixtures that are sure to meet a number of different needs and tastes.