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Plinth Lights Perfect for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Add a new stylish dimension to your room with our selection of plinth lights, which are both practical and elegant in style. Keep electricity and maintenance costs low thanks to these LED lights which are energy efficient and very long lasting meaning they rarely need changing.

The perfect option for mood lighting, shop the range below and choose plinth lights that will illuminate your interior with charm and poise.

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The benefits of plinth lighting

Add subtle lighting to your kitchen or bathroom with LED lights that use very little energy, yet make a big impact in design.

They’re ideal for lighting floors, creating atmosphere and adding a modern touch to your interior. These fittings are also ideal if you dine in the kitchen because they instantly adjust the tone to something more relaxing and ambient.

Plinth lighting is relatively new in design terms, but thankfully you don’t need a huge budget to update the look of your home with this look. They are quite easy to install (read our guide on plinth installation) and the LED bulbs ensure they are energy efficient and long-lasting.

For something that’s so relatively easy to install, they have a great effect on the design and look of a room, giving off a gorgeous soft glow as they cast light across the floor. Because of the position of these lights, they look better in rooms where there are tiles or wooden floor, as you don’t get the full effect with carpet. Blue LEDs are great when paired with grey and white tiles, where you might consider warm white lights for warmer floor colours, and white lights to really brighten dark floors.

Here at First Lighting we have an array of different styles to suit what you need, with Square, Round Spot, and Strips lights all available. The Linkable LED Plinth Flexible Strip Light is perfect to follow the whole room in one go as you can move the strip around corners.

With affordable, high-quality and stylish LED Plinth light fittings available, First Lighting has everything you need including fixtures with and without transformers.