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Square LED Plinth Light Kit - Including Transformer

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Product Code: LIGHTLED-PL4SQ

Enhance mood and create dimension with these stylish plinth light fittings that are perfect for bringing brightness to your kitchen - big or small! The importance of plinth lighting can often be overlooked and these will do the job as well as bringing a decorative element with them.

£22.57inc. VAT
Option Price
Cool White LED - 4 Light Kit  £22.57

Square LED Plinth Light Kit Including Transformer

These LED Lights offer an ideal solution to any kitchen Plinth Lighting. Its sleek, modern appearance offers a simple kitchen mood lighting effect. With its low energy power consumption and visual effect it is a perfect LED Light fitting. Give even the smallest of spaces depth and dimension with the square LED plinth light kit which are easily installed due to their plug and play plug type  - an electrician will not have to be called to install this lighting system. Install these and sit back and relax as these fittings have a huge impact for a great, small price! A transformer and 4 lights will be included in this kit.

Technical specs

  • Square 4-light plinth light kit
  • Voltage: 12/240V
  • Watt: 4 x 0.5W
  • 4 LEDs per light
  • Plug & play plug type
  • Satin silver finish
  • Available with blue or white LEDs
  • Add on lights available (max 10 per driver)


  • 38mm x 38mm
  • 6mm thick
  • Hole cut out: 10mm

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Hole cut diameter
(1 answers)
Asked bybrassylips19/07/2023

Will the 10mm hole cut provide a snug enough fit?
My previous set of these lights (installed some years ago) were quite loose.

A Answers

Good Morning,

Yes a 10mm hole cut out will give you a snug fit.

no image
Answered by 20/07/2023
Wire lengths
(1 answers)
Asked byKen23/11/2021

In answer to a previous question it was stated that there is 1M of cable to each light, my current configuration is set at between 1M and 1.75M between each light fitting. This requires a 1M input wire and a 1M output to the next fitting; this gives a maximum distance of 2M between fittings. Is this possible with your wiring?

A Answers

Yes this is possibe

no image
Answered by 25/11/2021
Extra transformer
(1 answers)
Asked byJools02/08/2020

Hi, I would need 2 one side of kitchen and 7 or 8 over the other side. Am I able split them and buy a 2nd transformer? If so how much is another transformer please?

A Answers

Unfortunately we do not supply separate drivers for these lights, you would need to buy three kits.

no image
Answered by 11/08/2020
Compatible with IR Motion Sensor?
(1 answers)
Asked byCactus26/02/2019

Is this Square LED Plinth Light Kit compatible with the IR Motion Sensor Switch for LED lighting, IRDS-LED-JB4 (available elsewhere on your website), and if so, what else would I need to purchase to install these lights?

A Answers

No, unfortunately these lights are not compatible wit these lights

no image
Answered by 26/03/2019
(1 answers)
Asked bymatthew22/02/2018


also forgot to ask what are the wire lengths please?
thanks a lot

A Answers

1m of wire per light

no image
Answered by 22/02/2018
supplied fittings
(1 answers)
Asked bymatthew22/02/2018

hi there,
Does this kit come with everything required to be able to use them?
i.e I have had one in the past where the kit came with 10 lights which all connect separately into a supplied box with 10 plug holes, which I then plugged in the 10 plugs, - is this similar, or does this one perhaps have all 10 lights which connect to each other 1 by 1 and then just connect one end to the transformer and then plug and socket?

thanks a lot

A Answers

Everything is supplied and they attach in a daisy chain effect.

no image
Answered by 22/02/2018
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