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Hospital LED Lighting

When we hear constant stories of NHS budget cuts and targets to reduce Co2 emissions providing hospital LED lighting is the best option for all circumstances.

Below you’ll find exceptional lighting that’s ideal for use in the healthcare sector.

Professional, high quality and affordable are exactly the fixtures you’ll find here at First Lighting. With lights that will provide sufficient light quality and energy efficiency all in one. 

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LED Recessed Ceiling Emergency Exit Signs
LED Recessed Ceiling Emergency Exit Signs
  • 2.5 Watt
  • 240V
  • LED
LED Suspended Emergency Exit Sign
LED Suspended Emergency Exit Sign
  • 4
  • 240V
  • LED
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Clean, bright light is vital for hospitals and with First Lighting’s selection of hospital LED lights you’ll find the fixtures you need at affordable prices.

When designing the lighting for this space it’s vital to not only consider the patients that will be using the hospital, but the nurses, doctors and other employees working there.

Research has shown that the right lighting in hospitals has a direct impact on the mood of the patients, which can in turn aid their recovery, so it’s of vital importance to get the right fixtures for the building.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance too, so lighting fixtures must be reliable and easy to clean.

Operating theatres and examination rooms need high light levels and good colour rendering whilst ensuring glare is not an issue for staff.

LED lights are the best option in most cases due to many reasons, in fact, this type of lighting has been linked to employee performance and higher morale, which is, of course, essential in a hospital environment.

Not only that, but LED lights can offer better colour rendering that is the ideal solution for patient inspection areas. The glass free designs are ideal because there are no glass breakage risks associated with traditional lighting.

LED bulbs have a huge lifespan, so not only will you be saving money on replacements, but the maintenance costs associated with this too. The design of these lights also ensures a low heat output, so temperature levels can easily be maintained within the building, and no UV light means no bugs will be attracted. Robust and sealed these lights are resistant to cleaning fluids and can be cleaned easily too.

Designed to meet stringent health and safety guidelines, shop our range of hospital LED lights that are the best option when it comes to keeping costs and energy consumption down.