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Practical Indoor LED Lighting Solutions at affordable prices

The requirements you have for your lighting is likely to change throughout each room in your house, so you should always make sure that you start with the right light supplier - this can make such a huge difference. At First Lighting, we offer everything that you might need to turn your house into a home and make sure that you have all of the right indoor lighting that will suit your property perfectly.

Each room in your home will hold a different function, so with our extensive catalogue you can browse through wall, ceiling, spotlight, floor and more, as First Lighting offer everything that you might need to help your interior shine.

These practical lighting solutions can be used to give each room atmosphere, whether you’re looking for functional or decorative lighting.

The wide ranges of varied energy-efficient LED lighting solutions are ideal if you’re looking to save money on your electricity bill.

Covering every room in your home, your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom or hallway, with this varied interior lighting selection contains something for every taste, preference and budget.

Beautiful interior lights for your home

Find the right indoor lighting for you at the right price with First Lighting’s varied range of LED lights that are perfect to create ambience and atmosphere in your home.

Enhance your home with decorative lighting like LED Spotlights, sconces and LED cluster lights, and use functional lights like those for the ceiling and walls to illuminate your rooms when the dark sets in.

The finishing touches to your room can come from specific lighting, with ornate ceiling lights and chandeliers to add decadence to your living spaces and relaxing LED floor lights to be used in the bathroom to help you unwind. Transform any room with unique LED lighting that breathes new life into your living space.

Many of our indoor lighting ranges now use the latest light-emitting diode (LED) technology to light your home and bring you the best in energy saving fittings.  Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer better light quality.

How you benefit

Compared with incandescent lighting, LED lights generally use 75% less energy and typically last 25 times longer.  These fittings will last for many years without the need for bulb replacement.

Not only do LED lights consume less electricity, they’re safer and sturdier too. They emit very little of their energy as heat. They also emit light in specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light. 

Because LED lights are small and directional, they make the perfect undercabinet light. Sometimes the colour can appear cooler or bluer than you particularly want, so it’s important to find the right fixture for you.

Boost particular parts of your home with our extensive line of LED spotlights, or enhance your mirrors with lights that can have a brightening and enlarging effect on the whole room.

Motion sensor lights hold plenty of benefits to be used in the home too, not only are they extremely efficient, but they can act as a deterrent too; upping the safety in your home.

Give your kitchen plinths and skirting boards an elegant touch with LED plinth or strip lights, both of which will add a new dimension to your room. Reading lights provide functionality, as do pendant lights and you can use shelf lights, cabinet lights, downlights and uplights to draw eyes to specific parts of your interior.

If you’re looking for the right indoor lighting at the right price, First Lighting has everything you need at the click of a finger.