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Low-Cost Low Voltage LED Garden Spike Lights

LED garden spike lights are perfect for illuminating your garden to make it look modern and stylish. They also help to draw your eyes to certain areas within your garden and the outside space of your home, which can help to perfectly make use of the design of your garden.

Spiked garden lights create a simple way, that's generally easy to install, for you to add lighting to your garden, including around pathways. These lights usually use low voltage connections that are simple to work with. Most of these lights will be able to plug into a wall socket, so you won't have to worry about paying for detailed wiring that could cost a fortune.

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Adjustable IP44 Outdoor Spike Light
  • Max 35 Watt
  • 240V
  • GU10
£16.38 Was £27.00
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LED garden lighting to illuminate your garden's best features

What’s more they incredibly flexible and can be moved and repositioned around your garden with ease. This is perfect if you want to drawer a guests’ attention to a new addition to your plant collection.

Give your garden and outside area a new dimension and shop First Lightings range now.

Instantly illuminate with stylish spiked garden lights that are affordable, easy to use and look extremely professional and expensive too. From smaller spotlight styles to larger domed shapes, here at First Lighting, we have everything you need to bring some opulence to the outside of your home.

Whether you use them for functionality or a design feature, these lights are an ideal option, they are easy to add in and take away when you change your mind.

LED garden spike lights are the most affordable option, as LED bulbs last considerably longer. Plus they give off little to no heat so there’s no need to worry that you’re placing them too close to trees, bushes or plants.

Not only are these lights practical in providing illumination to an area, they can also add flair to your space. They’re easy to install and what's more, they work really well even in small areas.

Getting your money's worth

Update your garden with these simple lights that can be installed around decking, pathways, flowerbeds and landscapes. You could even choose one of the weatherproof IP rated products that are suitable for use around water features, adding, even more, splendour to your installation.

Many of the LED garden spike lights are perfect to provide flexibility in lighting your garden, as they can easily be repositioned. Not only that but many designs are easy to install, you simply take them from the box and stick them in the ground. 

If you don’t have external power sockets or don’t wish to hard-wire lighting in fixed locations, you could use a linkable spike light system. Solar lights are also another option, they are extremely affordable as they require no running costs; just make sure you position them somewhere where they can get enough sunlight throughout the day to light up in the evening.

Because these spiked garden lights are simply pressed into the ground to be installed, you have the option to move them around as you wish, drawing attention to a particular part of the garden or certain plant too. What's more, they’re easy to bring indoors at the end of the summer season if you wish to.

Use these effortless lights to give your outdoor space a new lease of life.

With various colours and styles spread across a wide price range, you can find something suitable and affordable to you with First Lighting’s range of garden stake lights.