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LED shelf lights & LED Shelves for creating soft ambient light

LED Shelf Lights are the ideal way to add indirect lighting to the room or create a design element in a space too.

With our range of shelves, we guarantee to have what you need to create a lighting effect that’s stylish and modern within your home. With different shelf lengths available and different light offerings, there’s bound to be a design to suit your needs and budget.

Shop the range below and illuminate specific parts of the wall with a fantastic supply of shelf lighting.

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Alluminio Industrial Style Ceiling Pendant
Alluminio Industrial Style Ceiling Pendant
  • SY73133
  • Max 60W
  • 240V
  • E27
  • 1500mm
£330.84 Was £470.40
Shine - LED Shelf Clip Light
Shine - LED Shelf Clip Light
  • 1.5 Watt
  • 12V
  • LED
Sirius - Floating LED Shelf Light
  • SY7417
  • 600mm= 10W, 900mm= 15W
  • 240V
  • LED
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Getting the right level of light in your home is vital for the safety of you and your family, so you can move around with ease, and LED Glass Shelf Lighting is the perfect unobtrusive way of adding soft and ambient lighting to the room.

LED Shelf Lights

These might be something you hadn’t considered before, but they look great in different rooms of the house.

In the bathroom they can help create a calming oasis of soft light, and used in the kitchen you can use them to add task lighting which is ideal for when you’re chopping and preparing food on the counters.

With the development of LEDs, the options to create different shelf lighting effects, due to the low heat and size, offers you a wonderful tool. Plus, they’re a lot more affordable and economical too.

LED Shelf Lighting System

The Verona Illuminated LED Light Shelf is available in white or blue, which makes it the perfect option for the bathroom. The backlight design of this shelf adds depth to the room, and it looks great when there is a combination of objects, particularly glass, as the light shines through.

And we particularly love the Sirius LED Glass Corner Shelf light which is a lot less intrusive and doesn’t demand much space from a room. Perfect for housing plants or photo frames, this shelf looks contemporary and chic.

The Venice and Verona designs are a lot slimmer in design when compared with the Major LED Illuminated Box Shelf Light, but this makes a great feature on the wall. It comes in three available lengths and is perfect to make a design statement in any room, whether you use it as a storage space or just as a lighting feature on the wall.

With LED shelf lighting you manage to avoid the harshness of other lighting styles. These types of fittings can offer a warm glow, offering a welcoming and cosy feel to any room. Shop the range from First Lighting now.