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Pop-Up Sockets For Kitchen Islands

Make sure your new kitchen has everything it needs by adding in a pop up socket for kitchen island. The sleek and simple designs guarantee that you’ll never fall short of having everything you need whilst you make use of the island space. 

The fully retractable sockets allow you to keep your kitchen look sleek, neat and minimalist while also providing electrical power for an array of different products. First Lighting offers the best pop up sockets UK that suit a variety of different budgets and as well as pop up island sockets we also have USB port chargers that fit discreetly into your surfaces. 

Your kitchen is the hub of the home, and it’s likely to get overcrowded with multiple cables and sockets, but these pop up socket for kitchen island are the sleek fix you need, with a wide range of options to suit every home and kitchen. Shop the range below with plenty of options to choose from when it comes to style and finish.

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When installing your kitchen island pop up socket you’ll want to pick the best location to ensure that you can use appliances easily, as well as being able to plug in chargers for technology you might be using. With our range of the best pop up sockets in the UK there is something for everyone, we have a range of different prices points and a selection of finishes to choose from, so you can get the best pop up island socket for your home. 

Pop Up Socket for Kitchen Island 

You can choose from pop up sockets that house two plugs, or something a little more technical with sockets and USB charger ports in one, we even have styles that offer Bluetooth speakers or QI charging function on the lid. The QI charging lids are the ideal choice for those who hate having wires on show. 

With the Bluetooth Speakers kitchen island pop up sockets you can ensure that you’re always ready for entertaining, keeping the music flowing or catching up with your favourite podcasts whilst you cook and clean in the kitchen. 

Best Pop Up Sockets UK

Our range of pop up island sockets guarantee that you’ll maximise your space in your kitchen, and tangled, untidy cables will be a thing of the past. With features like bluetooth speakers and QI charging lids you’ll also reduce the need for some wires and technology too, helping to keep your kitchen surfaces a little less cluttered.

First Lighting offers pop up socket designs that simply require you to pull them up, or if you’d prefer you can choose fully motorised designs that will really propel your interior into the modern age. These space-saving solutions are a great choice for your kitchen island as well as other areas in your home. Shop the best pop up sockets you can get in the UK here today.