Step Up Your Deck Design with LED Decking Lights

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Expanding your home’s usable space with a garden deck can be a long-lasting and cost-effective DIY decision. 

However, without bright outdoor lights, your deck can quickly become a dangerous and uninviting space, particularly once the sun sets! Never fear: LED deck lights have come to save the day. 

They’re a popular way to make your deck a safe and inviting space for friends and family. Today, First Lighting will explore the benefits of LED deck lights, compare different models, and provide installation tips to help you make the most of your new LED fixtures. 

What is recessed deck lighting?

You can install recessed LED deck lights directly into its surface for a sleek and seamless appearance. 

Once you drill small holes into your decking boards, the light fixture can be mounted into the hole to appear flush with the planks. You can purchase solar-powered LED deck lights or electrical models depending on your garden’s access to power sources. 

At First Lighting, we stock a range of LED decking lights, including other forms of outdoor lighting, such as Flood Lights, Garden Spike Lights and Bollard Lights. But what makes them so special? 

Importance of LED Deck Lights

Enhances Safety

LED deck lights, like the Jena IP67 30mm, can enhance the security of your deck by illuminating any obstacles or hazards, such as uneven surfaces or low-hanging branches.

Products like the Jena IP67 30mm deck light are available in warm white and cool white colour temperatures to create maximum visibility. Perhaps you’re hosting a garden party after dark or an evening barbecue with friends, and you need to make your outdoor space safer.

Bright deck lights like the Jena IP67 30mm can help prevent slips, trips and falls, keeping you and your guests safe. Plus, their energy efficiency means they won’t incur high energy costs if you leave them on for long periods. 

With LED deck lights, you can keep your outdoor spaces well-lit without breaking the bank! 

Improves Aesthetic Value

Are there any focal points in your garden that deserve special attention? LED deck lights can highlight specific natural or man-made features, such as trees, plants, or sculptures. 

By strategically placing the lights, your guest's heads will immediately turn towards the feature you love most. They are available in various colour temperatures and brightness levels to customise your lighting experience. 

Lengthens Garden Usage

You’ve spent a fair amount of time, money and effort making your garden the outdoor paradise it currently is. It’s a shame that for 50% of the day, it’s too dark to navigate! With LED deck lights, you can increase how often you use your garden to maximise your investment. 

Relax and entertain in the evening under the glow of warm LED decking lights. The party doesn’t stop once the sun goes down when you use outdoor lighting in deliberate ways. 

For example, if you have outdoor seating, a barbecue station or a garden bar, LED deck lights can help you extend the time you can spend with your loved ones. But before you embark on your search, you need to know what types of LED deck lights are most popular with homeowners. 

Types of LED Deck Lights

Recessed LED Deck Lights

Recessed LED deck lights are the most common form of decking fixture and sit flush against your wooden boards. Typically, they are small, compact, and durable, with a low-profile design that allows them to blend seamlessly into the surrounding surface.

An example of a recessed LED deck light is the Sofia IP65 Colour-Changing lights, sold here at First Lighting. These small but mighty lights will add the deluxe, contemporary feel your garden was missing. 

Premium quality recessed LED deck lights should be weather resistant to ensure their suitability in changing weather conditions. Luckily, the Sofia IP65 Colour-Changing lights are constructed with stainless steel for maximum outdoor protection. 

Surface-Mounted LED Deck Lights

Unlike recessed LED deck lights, surface-mounted LED deck lights are not installed directly into the decking boards. Instead, they are mounted onto the surface using screws or other hardware to ensure a secure and stable installation.

One of the main benefits of surface-mounted LED deck lights is that they can be installed quickly and easily without drilling or cutting into the deck surface. 

Surface-mounted deck lights are an excellent option for decks or outdoor living areas where the surface material may be difficult to cut or drill into, like concrete or stone steps. Not only are they functional, but their small and compact frame means they don’t take up much space on your decking floor or grass. 

Step LED Deck Lights 

Products like the Elise IP68 are an excellent choice for those needing to equip their garden with extra safety measures. Step LED deck lights fit snugly inside holes on the side of your decking boards and can light the way for your friends and family. 

The warm, white light of the Elise IP68 will illuminate your garden with subtle light, combining greater visibility with a sleek, contemporary style. 

Choose First Lighting for your Outdoor LED Decking Lights! 

Invest in LED deck lights, and your outdoor living space will become a safer, more modern location. 

Whether enjoying a quiet evening outside or hosting dinner and drinks, LED deck lights can provide bright and long-lasting illumination while using less energy than traditional lighting fixtures. 

So start your journey off with the help of First Lighting: our decking light kits come with everything you need to create ambience in low-light conditions.

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