How to do functional lighting in forgotten areas of the home

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We’ve all got those forgotten areas in our home, small cupboards, little crevices that we use to store things that barely get used, but functional lighting in these areas ensure we don’t hurt ourselves when we’re looking for something stored in there and are likely to make better use of the space too.

These are the functional lighting tips you need for the forgotten areas of your home. They’re bound to make a big difference to your space and ensure you get the most from your storage.

Under the stairs

Under the stairs is often a cluttered, small space that barely receives any love in the home. That is unless you’ve managed to transform the space into something a lot more useful. If you have a cupboard under the stairs that could do with some loving it might be useful to install a simple light fixture.

These spaces are usually small and really dark, which makes it hard to analyse how much space there actually is and what can be done with it. When you install a light, you might find it easier to organise and make better use, whether it’s installing some shelving or putting in some drawers.

Built in wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are great, they’re an easy and secure way to add a lot of storage to a room, and if the space is a funny space it allows you to maximise on something that could have turned out pretty useless.

But, after a while you might notice that things start to build up in there, and there could very well be one door that you prefer not to look behind.

You could make use of the forgotten space in built-in wardrobes by installing some specific wardrobe lighting for that area, you could use some LED strip lighting along one of the shelves, or add in some recessed lighting where necessary.

Once you’ve done this, the wardrobe will look at lot brighter and clearer, and that means you won’t want any clutter to take over this new look.


It’s easy to shut the door on certain cupboards in the home and forget about the mess that lingers inside, but bring some light to the small space with LED downlights that will add a functional element to the space that you’ll want to make the most of.


How much time do you really spend in your loft or attic? But yet there’s usually quite a bit of space up there that could definitely be utilised in functional and space-giving ways. Installing a light might seem unnecessary, but in reality it could make a big difference to how you use the space. If you really wanted to make more of it, go the extra step and make use of the natural light by installing a sky light, if your loft is boarded properly you could make an extra room in your home.


Hallways might not seem like a forgotten space in the home, but really you don’t use them that much and it’s likely that they don’t have much natural light. You could use some spotlights to bring a lightness to the area and make it more of a feature in your home.  

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