5 ways to increase your home security with lights

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Ensuring your home feels safe and secure is something that we all want, and thankfully it doesn’t have to cost the earth either. With the installation of a few small lights around and in yur home you could increase the security in your home.

These small changes are great for giving you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home, and will make you feel a little more secure whether you’re at home, on holiday or just out for the evening.

Flood lights

Flood lights might give off unforgiving and unattractive light, but they’re perfect for flooding a dark area in light. This will no doubt scare off any intruders. Flood lights are a great option because they’re only small in size, so won’t look too distracting on your wall. Yet they provide bundles of light for the areas surrounding your home.

These are great options to be installed on both the front and back of the home.

PIR sensor lights

PIR sensor lights act as a great deterrent for people who aren’t supposed to be somewhere. The PIR sensor will pick up the movement and turn on actually drenching the surrounding space in light. If you can buy a PIR Sensor Solar Light that’s an even better option because they won’t require any wiring.

Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs are definitely a little more technological, but you still install them as you normally would, they’re just a lot more expensive than regular LED bulbs. These bulbs are great for putting in your front rooms, or family spaces, basically in rooms that are most likely to be used. Then when it turns dark you can simply switch them on using an app on your phone and it’ll be like someone’s at home, even when they aren’t.

Solar stake lights

Solar stake lights are great for moving around your front and back gardens and bringing illumination to dark areas. There’s no need for dark shadows when you have solar lights in place, because you can install them pretty much anywhere and you don’t have to remember to turn them on when it goes dark either.

Porch lights

Porch lights are another great security measure for your home because it’ll provide illumination to your front garden and you can always see who is coming up the drive and knocking at the door. If it’s a light that you’re going to want to have on all the time, the most cost effective solution would be to buy an LED porch light for the space.

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