Give your kitchen a new lease of life with lighting

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The kitchen can be a pretty expensive room in the house to decorate, and the thought of a new kitchen might just bring you out in a cold sweat. But the reality is, changing up the lighting in this room can have a big effect on its overall look.

Along with some paint changes, and maybe some new small appliances, adding in some new lighting will give your kitchen a new lease of life and will undoubtedly cure your itchy feet for a total re-decoration of the whole space.

These are our tips for giving your kitchen a new lease of life with different lighting.

Illuminated upstands

If you have the space for it, illuminated upstands will definitely give your kitchen a whole new look. They’re not too intrusive that they’ll take up too much space on your kitchen counters, but this lighting style will definitely add brightness to the whole room.

They’re going to shine a light on your tiles, backsplash or painting though, so definitely consider this before you install them, you might need some re-grouting or a lick of paint to ensure everything still looks neat and tidy.

Drawer lights

Make your kitchen aesthetic a lot more modern with the installation of an Auto Battery LED Light for Drawers, these turn on and off when you open and close the drawer, so you won’t be wasting energy.

But when you open the drawer they’ll illuminate any dark areas, and definitely give your kitchen a new dimension.

Strip lighting

LED Strip Lighting is perfect to line your cupboards, or underneath your worktop too, introducing strip lighting can be both decorative and functional. Use them in areas that need additional lighting, such as the backs of big cupboards.

You’ll find a range of both white and multi-coloured strip lighting available on our site, as well as numerous different lengths, so there’s definitely something for every kitchen.

Under cabinet downlights

Install some under cabinet lighting to your high kitchen cupboards, these types of lights are great for adding extra illumination to dark kitchens, but if you use only these, they create an ambient effect in the room too.

We have a choice of recessed and surface mounted under cabinet lights to choose from on the site, with different designs, such as the Targa Ultra Thing Under Cabinet Light which is virtually undetectable, and then more design-led styles like the Sirius Angled Triangle Light which also adds a new design element to your kitchen.

Plinth lights

Give your kitchen a modern twist with the addition of some plinth lighting, this type of lighting will draw attention to your floor, so you might want to consider this before installing them. But if you want to go ahead, they will definitely give the whole room a lift. Like the under cabinet lights, this type of lighting in the kitchen, when used alone can create a really warm and inviting look to the space, so it’s great for when you’re entertaining.

Which type of kitchen lighting will you be installing to give the room a new look?

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