Lighting trends not to miss in 2022

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Give your home a revamp this year with small changes made to the lighting in your home. Lighting can have such a huge impact on how your room looks, so take note of these lighting trends and make a big difference that won’t cause too much disruption and shouldn’t cost too much either.

Curved lamps

Curved lamps are definitely a trend we’re going to see grow even more in 2022. They’re quite simple in design, but certainly, make a big impact on the room. The curved lamps are quite simply a lamp with a curved body instead of a straight one.

They’re eye-catching and become a focal point wherever you place them. The only downside is that they typically take up a lot of space. Well, the floor lamps at least.

If you’d like to embrace the trend, but don’t have the floor space for such a thing, try a curved table lamp instead; you don’t get as much of an impact, but they certainly still look stylish and trendy. 

Brass and copper

We’re so used to see chrome and silver on lighting when you change it up for brass or copper, it makes a big difference. We definitely saw this trend through 2017, but it’s going to continue to grow in 2022 too. They don’t even need to be hugely big or stunning designs, a simple pendant makes all the difference to your room and adds a new dimension. 

Alternative pendant lights 

Pendant lights have been enjoying their resurgence for quite some time now, especially the low-hanging designs. And this year we’re going to see a focus on new materials like wood-effects and caged designs. These look particularly great on high ceilings, but even if you have a low ceiling, it doesn’t mean you have to bypass the trend, just ensure that you buy a pendant that doesn’t dominate the whole room, but compliments it instead. 

Triple pendant lights

Again this is a lighting trend that definitely was around last year, but we still can’t get enough of the triple pendant lights used as a feature over a kitchen island or dining table. They come in a stunning array of designs that mean you can find the right one to compliment your decor. 

Novelty neon

From fun shapes to standout designs, there’s definitely a style revival for novelty neon in the home, all done in a very stylish manner of course. These lights are great to add a pop of colour to your space, and ideal to bring some life to children’s rooms too. They’re going to love having something so standout in their space too.

Solar lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting the fact that solar lighting is the must-have trend for lighting this year definitely fills us with happiness. Incredibly easy to install, quick to change and once you’ve bought them you don’t have to pay anything else. There are many advantages to solar lighting in your garden, and you’re going to reap them this year.

Add some stakes to make a path through your garden, use them to lighting decking or patios, or even as a security measure in dark areas of your landscape.

Like we said, the beauty of these things is that they’re incredibly easy to install and easy to change and move around the garden as you please.

We just can’t promise the wall-to-wall sunshine, sorry. 

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