5 Stair Lighting Ideas to Impress Your Visitors

Stair lighting is a fantastic way to add a little ‘something’ extra to your staircase, and it can be used for aesthetic or practical purposes. Lighting is a unique way to impress your visitors, as you can get very creative and experiment with mood, illumination levels and ambience.   

We have got a list of 5 stair lighting ideas that will leave your visitors impressed, and make your house look stunning!

1. Fitted Stair Lights 

A great way to illuminate your stairway stylishly is by fitting lights onto each stair. This is a low lighting way to guide you up the stairs that will create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere, which will impress your guests and make them feel at home.

You can achieve this look by installing small spotlights on each stair or by using beams or strips on each stair instead. Typically, strip lighting looks modern whilst spotlights create a cosy atmosphere. 

2. Wall Lights

Wall lights are a great way to add something special to your stairwell, as they offer the same practicality of a ceiling light yet create a different ambience. There are lots of unique wall lights you can purchase.

Some wall lights might be bulky, which is not ideal for a narrow staircase, so it is important to look at measurements if you are thinking of implementing this type of lighting. Nonetheless, you can buy wall lights that are flat on your wall and take up no extra space. 

3. LED Lights 

If you want to be creative and experiment with lighting along your stairwell, then LED lights are a wonderful option. 

You can purchase LED lights in different colours, which you can control via remote control. Also, you can cut and bend LEDs down to the size that you need them at, and if you get a new idea - you can put them back together again! 

The possibilities are endless if you decide to purchase LED lights for your stairwell, here are some of our favourite ways that LEDs are used that will impress your visitors:

  • Attaching LEDs to the ceiling

  • Sticking LEDs to the floor 

  • Putting LEDs underneath each step

4. Statement Lighting

If you have a spacious stairwell or high ceilings, statement lighting is a great way to give your stairs the ‘wow’ factor and leave your visitors impressed. Statement lighting is better suited to those using lighting for decor rather than practicality. 

There is a lot of freedom with statement lighting. You could have something simple yet beautiful like a classic chandelier, or if you want to be bolder, you could have multi-drop pendant lights

5. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a simple yet stunning way to illuminate your staircase. You can have so much fun with fairy lights and get creative with how you use them. There are many ways you could implement this lighting. Here are some suggestions:

  • Wrapping the lights around the baluster or railing 

  • Hang the lights from the ceiling 

  • Attach to the floor 

  • Put inside clear glass vase and place on stair shelves (if you have them)

A huge advantage of using fairy lights is the cost. Fairy lights can be very cheap and have a long lifespan, so you won’t have to worry about regularly replacing them. 

Also, fairy lights create a very cosy and homely atmosphere, which will instantly make your guests feel relaxed and impressed when they walk into your home. 

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