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LED Bathroom Lights

Not only does bathroom lighting need to be functional, but it needs to be installed with safety in mind too. You don’t want to cause accidents in a room where they can already be common.

An IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 44 or above is essential for the space, and you also need to consider any shiny surfaces there might be in the room. You want to avoid lighting that is too bright as it might cause a glare on the polished surfaces.

With First Lighting’s quality and professional range of LED bathroom lights, you can rest easy knowing that the fittings are built with safety and functionality in mind for the space. 

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Choosing the right bathroom lighting for your home is essential, especially in the bathroom where there is so much water and slippery surfaces that can cause accidents.

Keeping your family safe is imperative when it comes to bathroom lighting, that’s why you need to ensure there is sufficient light but not so much brightness that it might cause glare.

You must ensure that your light fitting has an IP44 rating or above, which relates to its water resistance.

Cost-Effective Modern Bathroom Lighting Solutions

LED bathroom lights are the most cost-effective choice, as they last much longer compared to traditional bulbs. They use a lot less energy too, so you are not only running them but without replacements too.

Create a calming oasis in your bathroom with our Nara FL Bathroom LED Recessed Floor Light or the Timor LED Glass Bathroom Wall Light. These fittings instantly add a modern touch to your space, and the low amount of light output means they’re perfect for when you want to take time for yourself and relax.

Or you could create a focal point with your bathroom lighting, and choose an illuminated bathroom mirror. This will instantly draw the eyes to a focus point in the space, as well as being incredibly functional when you’re carrying out beauty and grooming routines.

Here at First Lighting, we have everything from spotlights and ceiling lights to wall lights and illuminated bathroom mirrors. We’re confident that we have the LED Bathroom lights, fixtures, and fittings you need to create style and flair in your bathroom.