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LED Extension Cable for LED Downlights - 1.5m

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Product Code: JBLINK1.5

A fairly long extension cable which will simply make it easier to use your LED lights as you can place them in different positions without having to worry about the wire stretching. Purchase as many as you need - they are a great value for money.

  • Great strength and durability
  • 1.5 M in length 
  • Fits JB Plug type 
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Having downlights is a great way of illuminating your home as they are small fittings that can be installed pretty much anywhere. They look great in all kinds of different finishes and will complement pretty much any type of decor. One issue can be that a lot of the lights can only be set apart at a certain length due tho their daisy chain like wire connection. This extension leads will allow you to set your lights further apart.


Technical Specs

  • JB Plug Type
  • 1.5m in length

Product Code: JBLINK1.5

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(1 answers)
Asked byT09/12/2022

How many pins is the male end? I need a 4 pin.

A Answers

This is 2 pin

no image
Answered by 12/12/2022
Extension cable
(1 answers)
Asked byIan13/05/2020

Could you join two extension cables together? So I can span the gap above the cooker. Or would I need a second driver to run the lights on the other side of cooker?

A Answers

Yes you can run two link cables, you just need to be careful of a drop in power

no image
Answered by 27/05/2020
Reduce cable length
(1 answers)
Asked byGordo16/03/2020

Looking at the photo of the cable it has a plug/socket arrangement either end. Are these sealed. Can they be disconnected and shortened to reduce the amount of slack cable to each light.

A Answers

No, the only way would be to splice the cables

no image
Answered by 17/03/2020
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