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LED Linkable Under Cabinet Striplights

Product Code: SL-LED

These linkable under cabinet strip lights are one of First Lightings most popular products. Their versatility means that they can fit almost anywhere and their linkable properties mean that you are not limited to the length of the strip. They are also a stylish addition to your furniture and 100% safe to use in the kitchen due to being resistant to things such as kettle steam. 

  • Steam Resistant 
  • Ideal for the kitchen
  • Easy to install with clips for corner mounting 
  • Linkable to each other
  • Discreet
Also Found In:
£14.99inc. VAT
Option Price
250mm, 47 LEDs, 3 Watt - Cool White, 235lm  £14.99
330mm, 65 LEDs, 4.5 Watt - Cool White, 325lm  £18.36
550mm, 121 LEDs, 8 Watt - Cool White, 606lm  £27.00
250mm, 47 LEDs, 3 Watt - Warm White, 210lm  £14.99
330mm, 65 LEDs, 4.5 Watt - Warm White, 292lm  £18.36
550mm, 121 LEDs, 8 Watt - Warm White, 545lm  £27.00
  • Wattage:Multi
  • Voltage:240V
  • Finish:White
  • Colour:Cool White, Warm White
  • Colour Temperature:Warm White - 3500K, Cool White - 6000K
  • Average Lamp Life:30,000hrs
  • Dimmable:No
  • IP Rating:IP20
  • Lamp Base:LED
  • Cable Length:2m

LED Linkable Under Cabinet Striplights 

These are perfect for the kitchen with their safety features and aesthetic quality. The Under Cabinet strip lights don't consume a large amount of energy, which is useful when you are trying to monitor your energy use. They are both energy efficient and discreet, yet shine brightly, which is exactly what you need in a kitchen space.

Technical specs

  • Linkable Under Cabinet LED Striplight fitting
  • Voltage: 240v
  • Supplied with 2m cable
  • Upto 50,000 hours lamp life
  • Linkable
  • Integral driver
  • Connect direct to the mains
  • Available with cool white or warm white LED

Whats Included

  • Clips for corner mounting
  • Clips for vertical mounting
  • 2m mains lead
  • Linking cable (For between each light)


  • 35mm x 36mm

Overall Rating

5.0 / 5 from 1 review
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Janice Tuson - 01/02/2018

Striplights arrived on time! Easy to install! Thanks

(1 answers)
Asked byLew04/09/2019

Are there low voltage led under cupboard light units ?

A Answers

Yes we do a wide range of low voltage under cabinet lights


no image
Answered by 05/09/2019
(1 answers)
Asked byBrooksy15 14/08/2019

Do these lights plug into a socket with a standard plug?

A Answers

Yes you can attach a standard 3 pin plug to the end of the wire.

no image
Answered by 15/08/2019
Plug in or wire in?
(1 answers)
Asked byEmjo10/08/2019

Hi are these supplies with a fitting to plug into socket, or are they required to be wired in? Thanks

A Answers

They are supplied, equipped to be wired in to the mains

no image
Answered by 15/08/2019
Linking leads
(1 answers)
Asked byFrank26/03/2018

Hello. Can you supply a longer linking lead? I would need one of about 800mm. Otherwise will 2 of the leads join together to give me the length I need? I'd be looking to buy 4 strips.

A Answers

We only supply a 400mm link cable this can not be joined together or cut to make a longer link cable

no image
Answered by 28/03/2018
Switch ?
(1 answers)
Asked byAlan13/03/2018

The photos shows this product having a switch on each unit but no where (that I can see) on the product description or technical data does it mention having a switch. Can you please confirm it has a switch on the unit? Thanks

A Answers

Yes each light comes with an individual switch

no image
Answered by 23/03/2018
(1 answers)
Asked byJeff07/03/2018

Do these lights need an earth wire

A Answers

No the lights do not require a earth wire as it is 2 core cable.

no image
Answered by 08/03/2018
Fitting to cupboard
(1 answers)
Asked byJan15/02/2018

How are these lights fixed to the cupboards?

A Answers

The lights are supplied with clips so the lights can be clipped in and held underneath the cupboard

no image
Answered by 19/02/2018
(1 answers)
Asked byMike27/01/2018

Can these units be wired in parralel to a 240v supply?

A Answers

Each light is supplied with a 240V mains cable and can also be linked to the previous light

no image
Answered by 05/02/2018
linking method
(1 answers)
Asked byPhil G09/12/2017

if i want to link them directly together without the connecting lead = is there a separate adaptor needed?

A Answers

The product is supplied with a but connect for you to do this

no image
Answered by 13/12/2017
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